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The collection features our most beloved organic snacking tomatoes in creative and colorful packaging.

  • Poppies – sweet and snackable cherry tomatoes on the vine that are grown to deliver high flavor and picked on the vine for freshness and aroma.
  • Kaleidos – diverse and delightful snacking tomatoes that come in different colors including yellow, orange, red and brown. The new package offers a consistent proportion of colored tomatoes per pack.
  • Darlings – luscious and loveable, deep-red grape tomatoes that are the sweetest of the bunch with brix levels above 7.5.
  • Brites – colorful and crave-able, crisp cherry tomatoes on the vine. The pack comes with two different colored strands of cherry tomatoes, a red and a yellow or orange option so consumers can experience the flavor, texture and aroma of each.



Each pack contains a 1lb cluster of tomatoes on the vine with four or five tomatoes on each vine for full flavor and freshness. Both the tray and film are made of recycled PET, making the entire package fully recyclable.



Recyclable & Biodegradable! The trays are made from post-consumer recycled cardboard and paper bands are coated for moisture resistance.

  • 1 LB Tomatoes on the Vine
  • 2 ct Mixed Bell Peppers
  • 2 ct Cucumbers
  • 2 ct Squash
  • 2 ct Zucchini

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