The family pioneer, Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis, migrated from Greece to Mexico in the 1920s. In 1930, he started farming in Sinaloa, where his son, Theojary Crisantes, would later become an organic farming trailblazer.


After transitioning the family's farms to only organics and sustainable practices, Theojary passed down the fields to his three sons — Theojary, Jr., Ricardo, Adrian (1976–2014) — and son-in-law, Jonathan Alcaron.


Theojary, Jr., our Chief Operations Officer, is university trained, has been growing for over half of his life and is regarded as an organic vegetable production expert. He freely shares his knowledge with our workers, so they can also become skilled in more sustainable vegetable growing.


Ricardo, our Chief Commercial Officer, manages the business side of the organization, while Jonathan leads the growing operations in Culiacán. Together, with Theojary, Sr. on hand to lend his more than 60 years of experience, Wholesum Family Farms is poised to continue the next 80 years of organic-growing excellence.

Over 80 years of organic-growing excellence.

Adrian was the youngest brother in the Crisantes family. Like his father, Theojary, Adrian was a university-trained agronomist and organic vegetable production expert. Adrian inspired his team through leadership that came easy: part mentorship, part friendship and 100 percent passion for those who worked for him — and for growing itself. His contributions to Wholesum, his spirit and his passion will never be forgotten.


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