Growing organically helps enhance the livelihood of people and the planet. It means healthy products for our customers and safer environments for our workers. As certified organic growers, we never use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. By keeping prohibited substances out of organic foods and promoting sustainable agriculture, we create a healthier world.


While produce can be organic without certification, Wholesum goes the extra mile to ensure you’re getting exactly what you expect. We are proudly certified organic by CCOF, a leading USDA-accredited organic product certifying agency.


The certified organic label is a promise to our customers. It guarantees your produce has been grown, handled and transported according to the agency’s strict standards. Non certified produce simply can’t say the same.


As certified organic growers, our farms are free of prohibited materials. We never use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, we employ safe, organic farming methods, like cover cropping, crop rotation, planting timing and composting. We also use mechanical weed control and natural, biological pest control.

Three decades of growing organically, from the U.S. to Mexico.

Every year (and occasionally as a surprise visit), an independent inspector examines our fields and reviews our records of plantings, seed purchases, harvests, pest management and crop rotations.


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