Wholesum is excited to announce the launch of its revamped website, the new With a fresh new look, the site reflects the brand’s growth in the organic produce space while embracing its stand-out elements…
Wholesum releases annual Conscientious Company Report, highlighting notable results in four areas for the calendar year 2022: organic integrity, responsible agriculture, Fair Trade impact, and advancement towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
Wholesum, Fair Trade Certified growers and shippers of organic farm-fresh vegetables, is treading the path to becoming a more fully integrated farm by building in-house capabilities to produce organic seeds.
Wholesum introduces new Italian sweet peppers, Dolci Belles. This new offering is part of Wholesum’s strategy to focus on innovative organic greenhouse grown varieties that bring an upgraded, flavorful experience to the consumer. 
On Friday, December 2nd, Wholesum, celebrated ten years of Fair Trade Certification at its first-ever festival highlighting the themes of community, art and impact at its farm in Sonora, Mexico. This was a celebration of…
Wholesum, recently announced its first harvest of greenhouse-grown organic heirloom tomatoes. The new and exquisite assortment of heirlooms are grown in state-of-the art greenhouses at the company’s farm in Amado, Arizona.