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When food is grown right, it is uplifting for people and the planet.

For us at Wholesum, Fair Trade Certified growers of fine organic produce, doing things right has been a consistent thread in our 90+ year trajectory.

Three generations of Wholesum family values

Wholesum is a multi-generational family farm with decades of expertise, a deep love of agriculture and respect for the land and the people working in the farms.

We have been growing 100% USDA certified organic produce, procuring organic seeds and growing in state-of-the-art greenhouses. Our dedication to protecting the earth’s natural resources has translated to efforts ranging from water recirculation and using renewable energy sources, to diverting recyclables from landfills and restoring local ecosystems.

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Fair Trade for the future

In 2012, Wholesum became Fair Trade Certified because it truly reflects the values engrained in the heart of our family, values that transcend through the supply chain. Since then, our other farms have become Fair Trade Certified – including one in the U.S., which was the first Fair Trade Certified farm in the country!

Using funds generated from Fair Trade purchases, workers are able to implement impactful community projects which address needs, such as:

• Education • Healthcare • Housing

Over 90 Years of Produce Grown for Good

From the day that family farming pioneer Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis cleared the first plot of land of Campo Santa Fe in Sinaloa, Mexico using no more than machetes and a mule, the company has hit many notable milestones.

Today, Wholesum is a leading grower and shipper of USDA certified organic farm-fresh vegetables. It is still operated by the Crisantes family, all forward thinkers who remain true to the vision of impacting the organic food industry through a sustainable model that empowers its workers.

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