We are passionate about empowering people to live healthy lives. This isn’t just reflected through the food we grow, but in how we care for our employees and the communities where we grow. This is why we are Fair Trade Certified. Fair trade uplifts communities and helps build sustainable livelihoods. Being Fair Trade Certified means we promote fair wages and working conditions, environmental protection and community development for a healthy, empowered and supported workforce.


Over $7.7 Million in Impact!

This year we celebrate 10 years of Fair Trade Certification! The impact has been transformative for our farming communities who since then have invested over $7.7 million that improve access to food, housing, health and education services. Here are a few examples of these projects:

  • A dental clinic for free dental examinations
  • A fully equipped community center with Internet access
  • Scholarships for all levels of education
  • ·School buses for student transportation to school
  • A mini-market with low cost goods
  • Laundry facilities with an attendant
  • Accredited adult education courses
  • Zero-interest home loans
  • A family park and soccer field for sports and recreation
  • A nutrition program for preschool – elementary school students
  • Health-care and grocery vouchers


To find out more about Fair Trade USA and its mission, visit fairtradeusa.org

100% of Fair Trade premiums benefit our employees.


We pay the fees, provide staff to support the Fair Trade program and help the committee however we can. That is our responsibility in the fair sourcing food chain. The Fair Trade premium is how we ask that you also source fairly.

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