Wholesum believes the healthiest, most flavorful produce is also grown responsibly. That’s why we meet present needs without compromising future generations’ abilities to meet theirs.


We approach organic farming with a deep love for the earth, understanding of the local ecosystem and ingenuity for growing. Our sustainable practices include:


Bio Control

We use a wide variety of mechanical and biological measures to control pests — green alternatives to conventional chemical methods. These include sticky traps in our greenhouses and parasitic wasps and spiders.


Nutrient-Rich Compost

We compost for ourselves on each farm to ensure what goes into our compost is organic, and we continually aerate our compost to promote aerobic microorganisms, which are most beneficial to the plants and safest for the soil. Adding this organic matter to the soil also helps with moisture retention.



We foster biodiversity on our farms by actively planting native species and removing invasive ones, like buffelgrass. We pass down this practice to future generations by involving children from our community.


Shipping & Logistics

By using CHEP pallets (a closed-loop, reusable, ship-and-return pallet system), we will keep more than 11 tons of pallet waste out of landfills and save as much energy as 13 households consume in a year.



We strive to ensure the highest amount of post-consumer waste in all cardboard and look for 80% or better recycled plastic where plastic packaging is necessary.

Leaders of conservation in agriculture.

Wholesum has been operating under the same four family values for over 30 years, the values: Integrity, Problem Solvers, Responsible Growing and People on the Move are intrinsic to our operations and guide our sustainability efforts.

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