BLOGAs Seen at OPS by the Wholesum Crew

With clear focus on organic produce, refreshing face to face interactions and not to mention a beautiful setting in Monterey Bay, the Organic Produce Summit has been a must-show conference for the Wholesum commercial team throughout its seven year span. The 2023 event took place July 12 and 13 and was the highest attended show in its history!

This year, we asked the team to put on their marketing goggles and share some of their marketing-related highlights from the show. Here are some of the team’s picks:


Image of booth backdropKristina’s pick

(Sales Manager)

On-point messaging and imagery by Coke Farm

“The powerful imagery and messaging made Coke Farm’s booth backdrop a clear standout at the show. I see the farmers at the heart of their message. Pride, power and purpose come through very clearly.”



Image of apple inside a showcase displayJoanna’s pick

(Marketing Manager)

Distinguished product positioning by Envy – The Ultimate Apple

“From the concept, branding and the execution of the booth and showcase, all the elements of Envy apple marketing worked seamlessly together to show that this is a premium apple that you need to try.”



Berry farm standTina’s pick

(Enterprise Sales Rep)

Product that speaks for itself by Good Farms

“Product should be front and center and look fantastic! I loved the bulk berry display by Good Farms. It was simple, colorful, effective and the product looked fresh and flawless. At the end of the day, the product should speak for itself!”


Packaged saladRicardo’s Pick

(Chief Commercial Officer)

Best-in-class packaging by Earthbound Farm

“Earthbound Farm is doing it right with this pack. The clear, peel and reseal film along with vibrant matte finishing provides the right amount of product visibility and is very eye-catching. I also applaud the sustainability component.”


yellow socks and golf ballsMemo’s Pick

(Marketing Coordinator)

Functional and fabulous swag by Zespri

“I love creative swag options that people want to take home! Pens and stress balls are great, but I will definitely be using these socks and golf balls and thinking of Zespri kiwis any time I do. That’s marketing that works.”


We can’t end this list without mentioning our friends at Equifruit, a clear pick by many team members. From their edgy tattoo sleeve swag to their nostalgia emitting booth display, they break the norms of what is traditional in produce marketing and leave us thinking, “What will they do next?” We are clearly fans!

 Booth at a trade show

As trade show exhibitors ourselves, we are always amazed by the creativity displayed by our fellow industry friends.

Until next year!