PRESS RELEASEWholesum Cultivates Creativity Through the Art of Produce; An Exhibit Featuring Student Artwork at GOPEX

Wholesum is bringing a fresh take on produce to the spotlight at this year’s Global Organic Produce Expo. As event sponsors, Wholesum will not only showcase their organic offerings but also celebrate the boundless imagination of high school artists during the expo’s opening reception.

Amidst the buzz of the reception, visitors are invited to explore a captivating art exhibit curated by Wholesum. The exhibit will showcase a vibrant array of art pieces inspired by Wholesum organic tomatoes. The pieces were created by local high school students, a testament to the creativity and skill of young artists.

Tomato shaped ceramicsIn the weeks leading up to the show, Wholesum worked with art teachers from Nogales High School to promote the opportunity among the students. The team delivered a selection of Wholesum organic fresh tomatoes to the classrooms including multicolored heirlooms, tomatoes on the vine, snacking and beefsteak tomatoes. Students were encouraged to examine all sensory aspects of the tomato variety or varieties of their choice including taste, aroma, shape, color, texture and even the personality or story of that tomato. They were briefed to amplify the elements that inspired them most through their artwork.

“The decision to spotlight students’ artwork is part of Wholesum’s commitment to supporting the local community while nurturing creativity,” states Joanna Jaramillo, Wholesum’s Marketing Manager. “This fusion of art and agriculture also aims to inspire youth to see produce in a different way. We want to encourage young people to see produce as something that can inspire and that has a story beyond what they see as an everyday object on the kitchen table.”

“It was exciting to see the evolution of the student’s feelings towards the tomatoes and watch their ideas and inspiration come to life. That is what art is about,” states Carolina Lopez, art teacher at Nogales High School.

Tomato abstract artwork
“Suspicious Stipple Sprout” by Suri Yamileth Rodriguez

To add an element of excitement and engagement, Wholesum has announced a competition within the exhibit. A first and second place winner will be selected from distinct categories. GOPEX attendees are encouraged to participate by casting their votes for their favorite art pieces. The interactive voting process not only allows attendees to engage with the art but also to play a part in recognizing and encouraging young talent.

The winners, selected by popular vote, will receive recognition for their outstanding creativity and a cash prize that can be used towards educational expenses. Additionally, students have the opportunity to have their artwork featured in Wholesum’s future promotional materials, providing these emerging artists with a platform to showcase their talent to a wider audience.

GOPEX attendees can view winning art pieces at Wholesum’s booth #228 during the show.