PRESS RELEASEWholesum Reinvigorates Organic Pepper Category with Italian Sweet Pepper Launch

AMADO, ARIZ., Mar. 13, 2023 Wholesum, Fair Trade Certified growers and shippers of organic farm-fresh vegetables, introduces new Italian sweet peppers, Dolci Belles. This new offering is part of Wholesum’s strategy to focus on innovative organic greenhouse grown varieties that bring an upgraded, flavorful experience to the consumer.   

Italian sweet peppers are characterized by their distinctive long, conical shape, crisp texture and surprisingly sweet flavor. Their sweetness is measured by brix value. Where traditional peppers have a brix range between 5 and 7, Italian sweet peppers range from 8 to 9.5, delivering differentiated sweetness. These peppers have firm but thin walls with few seeds that concentrate at the top rather than down the center of the pepper, making them convenient and ideal for stuffing, roasting, sautés and enjoying raw on salads and veggie trays.  

With the launch of Dolci Belles, Wholesum sees an opportunity to reinvigorate the organic pepper category through novelty and flavor innovation. “The pepper category has remained relatively unchanged for many years, especially in organics where the assortment is limited to few options including traditional bell peppers, mini peppers and a small range of spicy peppers,” states Ricardo Crisantes, Wholesum’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Current trends in produce point towards a growing consumer preference for flavor and convenience. With consumers making the switch to products that provide a better experience, not having an upgrade option available in the pepper category is a miss,” he adds. Wholesum’s Dolci Belles bring an elevated experience as well as new usage opportunities due to their versatility, appealing to audience segments like culinary enthusiasts, adventure seekers as well as premium and brand shoppers.   

Wholesum’s approach to bringing Italian sweet peppers to market has consisted of multiple stages of production trials paired with market insights to determine product viability both agronomically and commercially. Through these trials, the team selected the top varieties that offer consistent sizing, flavor, shelf life, aesthetic qualities, and most importantly, flavor.  

Wholesum’s Dolci Belles are available in three-count bags consisting of mixed red and yellow peppers. The bag bears an eye-catching, colorful design, with messaging about flavor expectations and the line “sweet no heat” to differentiate this offering from spicy pepper varieties as well as a QR code with recipe ideas for inspiration. Wholesum’s Dolci Belles are organic and Fair Trade Certified; each purchase bringing additional funds to the farming communities where they are grown.